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Telebehavioral Health

Telebehavioral Health (also known as “telehealth” or “teletherapy”) refers to the process of providing behavioral healthcare or psychotherapy remotely, using Health Information Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant audio-video conferencing technologies.

Telebehavioral Health services have helped children and families safely connect to their mental health providers for nearly 30 years.


  • Protected health information (PHI) can be transmitted safely and securely.

  • Reduces consumer stressors related to traveling. 

  • Increased access to different types of mental health services that might not ordinarily be provided locally.

  • Used to accommodate all treatment modalities including individual, family, group, and multi-family groups.

  • Increased access to care across geographic locations. 


EMH's Audio-Visual Conferencing Platform

EMH uses Zoom, a HIPAA compliant, healthcare platform equipped with effective audio-visual technologies to connect you with your EMH provider. Zoom keeps data secure and personal client information private with encryption. 


Effective Psychotherapy

Studies consistently demonstrate that psychotherapy services can be provided effectively through a telebehavioral health delivery format. In addition, evidence suggests that telebehavioral health services can produce an improved treatment outcome and overall client satisfaction.


Telebehavioral Health and Client Comfort

We encourage you to have access to a device with audio-video conferencing technology (Example: Laptop, iPad, tablet, cell phone). It can be helpful to have access to high-speed internet connect. 


Addressing Barriers to Care

If you are interested in receiving telebehavioral health services, but there are barriers that block your access (Example: Scheduling problems, no access to appropriate technologies, difficulties locating free Wi-Fi access), please inform your EMH provider. Although we cannot make guarantees to eliminate these barriers, your EMH provider can collaborate with you to problem solve.​

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