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Conduct Disorder

Children and adolescents with Conduct Disorder present with a pattern of emotional and behavioral problems. Some problem behaviors include aggression toward others and animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness, stealing problems, and serious violations of rules. Children or adolescents with Conduct Disorder might also exhibit bullying or intimidating behaviors, start physical fights, exhibit cruelty, deficits in empathy, lacking remorse, lying to obtain a desired outcome, shoplifting, truancy, running away from home, and staying out in the community all night.

Psychotropic medication, in combination with psychotherapy, can be helpful in mediating attention, impulse control, and overall behavioral regulation. Psychotherapy strengthens parenting skills that work to reinforce a child’s new, positive social behaviors, targeted in treatment. Parent Management Training (PMT) is recognized as an evidence-based treatment that demonstrates effectiveness in treating conduct-related problems. For additional information about Conduct Disorder, please visit Quick Facts on Conduct Disorder | Child Mind Institute.

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