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Training Information

Raising Awareness for Community Leaders

Many people experience mood dysregulation, traumatic stress, and interpersonal difficulties. Whether it is a child being targeted by a school bully, or an adult coping with the new “normal” of daily living during the pandemic, everyone experiences stress. Equilibrium Mental Health, LLC (EMH) is committed to improving the quality of life for people suffering from emotion dysregulation, traumatic exposures, and sociopolitical stressors through collegiality.

As scientist-practitioners, EMH provides training opportunities orienting community leaders to best practices in behavioral health. This provision of high-quality didactics covers a range of topics from trauma informed care to improving psychotherapy treatment outcomes. EMH collaborates with professionals in different settings including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other community-based entities. In addition, trainings can be delivered in a virtual delivery service format. Refer to the information below to learn more about potential training topics and bookings.

Planning for an Effective Training

Equilibrium Mental Health pledges to provide community leaders with cutting edge data regarding best practices in the mental health field. If you are interested in being trained by our experienced clinicians, the next step is a phone consultation.

We value our customers and share in your agency’s goals of professional development and family stabilization. To ensure customization, we emphasize the role of advanced planning for your training needs through phone consultation.

During our initial phone consultation, you can expect to discuss the following information:

(1) Your overall training needs

(2) Learning objectives for your agency or participants

(3) Specific information about your workplace culture or professional environment

(4) An analysis of your participants’ preferred learning styles

(5) Fees and Financial Arrangements

*Please be prepared to participate in a phone consultation (minimum 15 minutes) to discuss these elements.

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