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Anti-Bullying Matters: A Guide to Prevent, Intervene, and Process the Effects of Bullying

Bullying refers to the intentional or unsolicited actions of a powerful entity over a less powerful individual in order inflict harm, whether it be psychological or physical. The National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) designates bullying as a specific trauma type worthy of immediate attention. If ignored, children and adolescents who experience bullying may experience depressive and anxious symptoms, poor academic performance, and low self-love. Parents/Caregivers and helping professionals in many ways serve as critical protective factors in a child’s struggle against bullying. This training provides a basic introduction to the core tenets of bullying as an environment stressor, common behavioral/emotional warning signs, ways for families to support their children, and strategies to facilitate positive teamwork between families and community systems.

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