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Welcome to Equilibrium Mental Health (EMH)!

EMH is dedicated to providing children, adolescents, and families with high quality Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) services. We offer comprehensive DBT for adolescents and their families, in addition to comprehensive DBT for children. 

We also deeply value the role of parental mental health and offer parents/caregivers the opportunity to meet with DBT Parent Coaches. 

Research indicates that DBT is the gold standard intervention for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and extreme emotion dysregulation. In other words, DBT can help with a range of different behavioral and emotional problems. 


Acceptance and Change are the roots of our philosophy. Acceptance is an essential ingredient in mental health treatment as it functions to validate or justify our experiences. Change is an essential ingredient to any mental health treatment.



We denounce all forms of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia. We empathize with the increase in stress and fear that many Asian Americans are experiencing and encourage those who are feeling traumatized by the recent crimes to reach out for support and help.

In order for an orchid to blossom, 

it takes both the environment

and the individual.

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